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Titanium clad copper

Over 30 years of experience

TiCu Clad® – titanium Clad bars are made by using compound extrusion presses which ensures an optimal metallurgical bond between the copper core and the titanium coating.

The TiCu Clad® material is generally used in electrochemistry, in chlor-alkaline electrolysis, in galvanizing lines, in chromium-plating baths and wherever high corrosion protection and high current-carrying capacities are required.

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  • Dimensionally stable anode in chlor-alkaline-electrolysis
  • Busbars for supplying current in elecctro-zinc coating lines for strip products
  • Busbars for supplying current in galvanizing lines for steel strips
  • Busbars for supplying current in continuous coating lines for wire, tube and strip plating
  • Busbars for supplying current in galvanic baths, printed circuit board industry, frames, support bars
  • Busbars and anodes for the metal finishing industry
  • Busbars for supplying current in electrolysis plants/metal recovery
  • Coated titanium anode for chromium-plating instead of conventional lead anodes
  • Copper foil production
  • Electrodes for cathodic protection in corrosion systems

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Environmentally friendly chromium-plating with TiCu Clad® anodes

Using TiCu Clad® anodes, platinated with titanium in the micron range, has a distinct advantage when chromium plating in sulphuric acid electrolytes. Due to increasingly more strict environmental standards as well as expensive waste disposal, the market requires processes which allow a more environmentally friendly hard- and bright chromium-plating in fluoride-free electrolytes.

TiCu Clad® process is a process that eliminates production of hazardous waste such as lead chromate which is usually produced during the chrome-plating.

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