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Udo Plante GmbH supplies pin electrodes for EDT machines of the Herkules company in all required lengths.

Pin electrodes are made from a specially modified alloy with tightly restricted analysis tolerances. These electrodes have met the quality assurance standards according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
The additional machining process is performed on highly advanced CNC machines, in accordance to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9002.

4PE pin electrode different diameter
user-friendly packaging
Protective varnish coating under UV light
uncoated contact surface
UP Socket

Electrodes can be supplied in any length and diameter to meet the specific needs of a particular Sarclad and Herkules EDT machine.

The standard length amounts to 126 mm.

Higher demands – higher quality

The protective layer consists of a flexible, transparent protective paint made from modified silicon resin. It meets the high demands of the US and British defense specifications. Approvals by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD) DEF STAN 59/47 – as well as by the relevant test laboratories (UL) QMJU2 – have been obtained.