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Information on processing dependent peak counts at the same Ra-values ​​using EDT-electrodes of the Udo Plante GmbH.

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Climbing the highest peaks!

A comparative test between copper and graphite electrodes shows the difference among the
peak densities for a given roughness (Ra value).

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Electrode types

  • 2CE2150 Copper hollow profile
  • 1GE0100 Plangraph 1 (Graphite full material)
  • 2GE0100-7228 Plangraph 2 (Graphite copper material)

The result

A significantly higher number of peaks was reached at Plangraph 1 in the Cap (-) modus at a roughness Ra of 3.02μ with 104/cm. With the hollow copper electrodes there was determined a peak count of only 63/cm at mode Cap (-) and almost the same roughness of 3.06μ Ra. Also with hollow copper electrodes at mode Puls (+) with almost the same roughness of 3,06µ Ra, there was a peak count of 76/cm. Further, the Plangraph 2 electrodes showed a slight increase in the number of peaks of 120/cm.

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